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Welcome to the world of the CaperGram and the CaperPhrase!

Capergrams and Caperphrases celebrate the English language - the most fascinating and intriguing of all Languages.

The English Language is exceedingly rich and diverse and is unashamedly eclectic - drawing inspiration from just about every other language in the world.

It is a delight for those with a warped sense of humour because it is so open to deliberate misinterpretation, manipulation and distortion.

National, regional and local slang and jargon only serve to make it even more perplexing - particularly for people from other cultures - so much so that the results are often quite bizarre!

Here at Confectionery Capers there are hundreds of these 'plays on words' on display. They are called CAPERGRAMS and CAPERPHRASES.

gram11.gif (8296 bytes)Capergrams appear in the form of a 3-D object or a cartoon with a caption written underneath. The visitor interprets them by working out some logical connection between the name and the object. Some are simple but others require at least a modicum of lateral or creative thought.


Caperphrases rely on text alone and contain cryptic or oblique messages which, again, require a degree of creative phrase22.gif (4592 bytes)thought to interpret.
Both CAPERGRAMS and CAPERPHRASES serve to highlight the numerous anomalies, absurdities and quirks of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE.

The following pages present just a few examples of these CaperGrams and CaperPhrases. Click on the links to test your interpretive skills.  If you visit Confectionery  Capers you will see many more of these little teasers on display.

See you there !!!

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