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Welcome to my Confectionery Page!

    So, what is this 'CONFECTIONERY'  thing really about?

Even though confectionery is not the major gen9.jpg (207329 bytes)reasoncadburylogo.gif (3571 bytes) for the existence of CONFECTIONERY CAPERS, and no confectionery is actually manufactured on the premises, CONFECTIONERY CAPERS does boast a small confectionery shop where you can purchase many of your favorite indulgences including mixed lollies and chocolate bars.

Many of the products on sale can be seen displayed on the crazy machines as they wobble, jiggle, shake, jump and whir in amars.gif (9096 bytes) sea of madness and cc15.jpg (71612 bytes)mayhem.   In reality, confectionery is simply a colorful marketing medium which ties all the disparate elements together with a common theme. It is the 'decoration' or the 'icing on the cake'.

pic00006.jpg (203536 bytes)Included in the shop (and on one of  the cc1.jpg (184423 bytes)two Confectionery Capers trains) is one line of confectionery which is truly superb and somewhat exclusive - being found only in a few select outlets - namely, the JELLY BELLY jelly bean (undoubtedly the world's finest). These are a true 'gourmet' product of the highest quality and feature 40 exquisite flavors - all of which are a taste sensation!   

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40 flavours menu.jpg (13502 bytes)   Click on menu to see flavours. 

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So, while you're at Confectionery Capers, check out the range of Jelly Bellys and other treats. You can either eat them or watch them do their thing on the crazy machines (or both).

Either way ... ENJOY !!!

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