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At Confectionery Capers there are eight typical examples of older I.C. engines fully restored and operational. Today these engines are often called Farm Engines or Flywheel Engines. Seven of the engines in the building are set up so that they can individually (or in concert) drive the overhead line shafting which, in turn, drives many of the crazy machines on display. The engines are connected to the line shafting via fixed and loose pulley systems which enable the operator to engage or disengage them as required.

Click on the thumbnail photos to see the full size picture of each engine on display at Confectionery Capers.


gen12.jpg (206489 bytes) General view of our antique engines display.
(Note the fixed and loose pulley linkages to the overhead line shafting.)

engine2.jpg (210080 bytes) Brand: BARTRAM
Model: A-K
Horsepower: 6
R.P.M: 400
Circa: 1929
Source: Australia
engine3.jpg (40674 bytes) Brand: COOPER
Model: KE
Horsepower: 1.5
R.P.M: 300
Circa: 1926
Source: Stover Co.(U.S.A)
engine4.jpg (185773 bytes) Brand: BAMFORD
Model: EG1
Horsepower: 2.5
R.P.M: 600
Circa: 1947
Source: Great Britain
engine5.jpg (200672 bytes) Brand: INTERNATIONAL

Model: LA
Horsepower: 5
R.P.M: 700
Circa: 1936
Source: U.S.A/ Canada
engine6.jpg (198289 bytes) Brand: RUSTON HORNSBY
Model: AP
Horsepower: 4
R.P.M: 450
Circa: 1928
Source: Great Britain
engine7.jpg (202402 bytes) Brand: HORNSBY
Engine No: 45369
Horsepower: 4
R.P.M: 200
Circa: 1909
Source: Great Britain
engine1.jpg (192970 bytes) Brand: PETTER
Model: WIVO
Horsepower: 3
R.P.M: 1400
Circa: 1948
Source: Great Britain