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Summary of a  Typical School Visit To Confectionery Capers

A visit to CONFECTIONERY CAPERS is the perfect excursion for any school group.
Confectionery Capers incorporates significant educational content for all levels - from Pre-school to Tertiary.
The emphasis is on Language and Science and each presentation is tailored to suit the age/level of the students involved. 
Schools have found the content aptly suited to current curriculum frameworks.
The lessons are conducted by me, Campbell Smith, owner of Confectionery Capers. I am a retired school teacher with over 35 years experience in a wide variety of school settings.
The average visit to CONFECTIONERY CAPERS lasts about 1 hour and is generally structured as follows ....

5 MINUTES : - Official welcome and introduction.
- Discussion re the importance of the WHEEL as Mankind’s greatest invention.
- Discussion re the charm, depth and diversity of the English language with its many   contradictions, anomalies and seeming absurdities.
20 MINUTES : - Students have open access to the numerous displays which highlight the almost limitless applications of the WHEEL.
There are well over 100 machines operated by a button mounted on the fence. BEFORE they press the button the children must look at the machine, THINK about its appearance and then describe how they think it will operate.
Basic applied mechanics is explored in depth (WHEELS, LEVERS, BEARINGS, SHAFTS, AXLES, PULLEYS, FLYWHEELS, GEARS, BELTS, MOTORS etc.)
At the same time children are challenged to interpret dozens of CAPERGRAMS and CAPERPHRASES.
These are small displays highlighting an object (or cartoon) accompanied by an oblique caption with a hidden meaning which the children are encouraged to interpret.
These encourage the children to really think about the English language and its enormous diversity and charm.
25 MINUTES: - Children participate in a question and answer session based on their interaction with the machines and Capergrams.
10 MINUTES: - Revision, summary and conclusion.
Admission fee is only $4 per head.

So if you are a teacher or school planner looking for the perfect educational and fun outing please contact me via phone, e-mail or send your questions/comments to me with your details for a prompt response. For usual size school groups booking is recommended. 

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